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Pooches pound the pavement at 2016 rspca million paws walker festival in the city of Leipzig, Germany, Aug. 14.

(KATU) – Police are investigating after a dozen people were attacked on Saturday morning after participating in a dog walk in the city of Leipzig.

Around 5:15 a.m. a group of about 20 people were walking along University Road in the German capital when a young woman, clad only in flip-flops, began hounding them, causing them to fall down several steps.

"She just started dragging people out of the way and punching them on the head as she did it," said one witness, who didn't wish to be named.

The group of roughly 100 people then began yelling, "They're taking dogs away! We can't go to this dog walk!"

Another witness who was in the vicinity at the time told KHN that he saw several people fall down.

It was then that he and a group of men rushed over.

"I saw one kid fall down. Another guy rushed to his side and began hitting the dog walking guy. Then someone started yelling 'This is for pets! We don't like dogs!'" said another witness.

A third witness in the vicinity said that he saw a little girl get kicked in the head and thrown around. She was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Police arrested two suspects — they will make their final arrests after their trial — and are waiting for charges to be filed in the case.
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Lehmann still in shock over hookess death – and now it's been confirmed by his girlfriend

Mona Harvey, 23, had been dating Brett Tamblyn, 27, when the three met online and stayed on in contact via dating app Tinder on Saturday evening

On Saturday evening, Harvey had spent the night at the family's home in New Orleans.

A friend of the couple told the Herald that she had only recently married the 24-year-old hooker and did not know he was married.

Police are looking into whether the hookers were in bed together.

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A friend of the couple told the Herald that Ms Harvey had only recently married the 24-year-old hooker and did not know he was married

Afterwards, their two-bedroom house had been found abandoned by neighbours.

Now the couple have been identified by neighbours as Ms Harvey and her new boyfriend.

According to a tweet from Ms Harvey's profile – posted to her account on Saturday night – the couple 'took a short break' from their relationship at around 3am.

'I just realized that something was wrong. I felt like it was over. I went for a nice walk… and it all went dark and everything,' she said.

Her first tweet was retweeted 2,874 times by the US version of Tinder, where Mr Tamblyn is currently the top pick for next month's date.

Tamblyn told the Herald that he was devastated by the revelation.

'She was a beautiful young woman but everything went a little too far,' he said.

Mona Harvey and her new boyfriend Brett Tamblyn, 27, appeared in court in April

Ms Harvey is pictured here in court in New Orleans on April 22

He told the Herald: 'She was beautiful but a little too wild and that is just not someone I would want to be around. This was something I did not want to happen to me.'

The pair, who grew up in Miami, had gone for a day together around 5.30pm on Saturday.

Afterward, their two-bedroom house was discovered abandoned by neighbours.

Ms Harvey, an actor, is also active on the dating site.

After her death, Mr Tamblyn, who lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, went on social media to express his 'unbelievable grief and shock'.

'She was the most loved female celebrity in my life but her untimely passing just completely devastated my entire family and we are all affected by this terrible tragedy.

'Mona, she was such an amazing person… so much love on the outside but this was not me.'

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