In the Builder Base, there is one Hero troop, namely the Battle Machine.
Que no me quiere Que tengo miles de mujeres Y que nunca vo a cambiar Me llama y quiere sexo Me pongo pa eso Se me trepa encima Comienza el proceso Nunca la nena se quita Tengo muchas, pero es mi favorita Se pone mal y al oido me grita Como le gusta, que el momento se repita Nadie, puede ganarle aunque ella lo niega Pero su mejor amiga me dijo que soy el que al cielo la eleva.
The weekend at the college Didn t turn out like you planned. THEY SXARED TK DESTH THEH SCSRED TK LOOK THEY SHOOK.
Young fans, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and other future British rockers saw Holly perform in England and were inspired to emulate him.
Here s an artist that is one of the great voices, both literally and figuratively, of rock and roll, of American music, of world music, who has never stopped, as he says, following the muse.